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Crime map in SE1 SE16 South Bermondsey

Here is a link to the Met Police’s crime map,showing all the ‘notifiable’ crimes in the ward. Please write a comment or get in touch if you have any questions.

Labour’s cuts in Southwark short sighted, unessecary & vindictive.

Here is a link to LIsa Rajan’s post about Labour’s budget for Southwark 2010/2011

This Post box is fully operational !!!!

I got an email from the Post Office today, they …. “confirmed that the box is in use and is cleared twice a day at 11:30 and 18:30. they go on to say “Please rest assured that a new plate detailing collection times has been ordered for the post box and the Christmas sticker has […]

Labour Council Cuts

I’m upset about the way the Labour Administration is cutting funds to local community groups. One organisation losing money is CRISP, based on the Heygate Estate, Brandon Street at the Elephant near my home. I spoke at last night’s council meeting about how cutting money to CRISP would mean more computers gong to landfill, and fewer low-cost refurbished computers […]

Go Karting in Bermondsey – It’s Electric !

I took a chance when I was on the planning committee over the granting of permission to the indoor go kart track in Clements Road. A few local residents were quite understandably against the proposals, and I was minded to vote no. During the course of the meeting I realised I would be stopping up […]

Post Office deliveries (again)

The email addresses for the management at Mandela Way is [email protected] -Chief Exec [email protected] you are welcome to cc me in on relevant emails [email protected] Is it any wonder why fewer people are using the post in SE1 and SE16? ——->>>> .                           […]

Controlled Parking Zone

Consultation has started on the controlled parking zone. If it goes ahead as proposed, it will cover most of South Bermondsey ward, and will mean parking across the ward will be controlled during week days. Please get in touch if you have an opinion you would like me to pass your views on to the […]

Astley & Coopers Estate relaunch their Tenant’s Association

Well done to the hard workers at Cooper’s & Astley – I’m really impressed by their hard work, getting their TA back up and running. Some of the young people there are amazing – I played table tennis with an eight year old, and got beaten hands down! I managed a draw at table football […]

Campaigning with Kate in Brunswick Park

We had to get up early to get a load of photos for Kate Heywood. Shaun is a photography student at London College of Communication.

Kate Heywood – New Candidate

Meet Kate Heywood. She is our candidate in Brunswick Park. She is already working hard in the ward. I managed to find a few moments to chat with her, and pose for a photo. I think she will make a great councillor. Find us on Facebook, or link here.