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Galleywall Nature Reserve

I just found these photos (thanks to Jane for the photos) of the  reopening of The Galleywall Nature Reserve. Loads of people tell me I don’t smile enough in photographs, (local politics is a serious business)

Cyclists – ‘a Human Shield’ ?

Southwark Council appears to have changed its policy towards cyclists. From now on, cyclists will be used to calm traffic by riding their bikes amongst the cars and lorries. “No new access routes planned”… the report said about about cycle paths The Labour councillor responsible says “This will be making making roads safer for all […]

This Weekend – Unveiling of The Lion at The Blue

This Saturday Flo Wellar will be unveiling the Iron Lion. .                                                                                                                                                             The Bermondsey Lion During construction

Iceland rubbish at Camilla Road

No one likes to see good food thrown away, but the people diving into Iceland’s bins were making such a mess. We had to ask Iceland to install a cage to keep all the out of date food in, until collection. We just have to make sure they use it !!! Of course when I […]

Crime on Stubbs Drive

I have had reports of late night attempts to break in through street doors, apparently to steal letters. I’ve been in touch with the local police, and asked them to visit Stubbs Drive after dark.

Free school dinners – 8 million pounds well spent?

On Wednesday all 63 councillors were invited to a council assembly. Inevitably there were lots of speeches. I spoke on a motion questioning the wisdom of Labour spending 8 million pounds of our money on free food for rich kids. My speech is below. The Labour leader of the Council Peter John dismissed it as […]

Galleywall Nature Reserve

Managed to get along to the opening of the re-launch of Galleywall Nature Reserve today. Really nice to meet the people who do the work to keep it running. The Nature Reserve needs help from locals, so if you have some spare time, and fancy helping to tidy up the place. Link to Galleywall Nature […]

parking fines

I asked the Leader of the Council how much Southwark is taking from the Blue in parking fines. It’s the equivalent of £250 every day – 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Attendance at Libray consultation

Not a lot of people at the Blue Anchor Library today. Let’s just say when I arrived, I doubled the numbers !!