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Southwark’s housing in Labour control – less than two years…

I live in a council flat, and I see it every day, most days I get someone call me to ask about their repairs.

Scaffolding in Thorburn Square

None of like to see waste, but the scaffolding tower in Thorburn Square has been up for some time now. I have asked council staff to tell me when it was installed, why it was installed, and when will it be removed. Watch this space.

The SE1 forum

I spent yesterday rushing around after college, meeting with staff about the Connect 2 bridge fiasco (click here for that story). Then, at 20 minutes notice I was told I’m the new vice-chair of The Housing and Community Safety¬† Scrutiny sub-committee. I left that and ran to a tenants Association meeting (arrived an hour late)! […]

Campaigning again

It’s not enough to be part of a hard working team, It’s important to find out what local people think about the services, and learn how they could be improved We went out today to knock on a few doors, to talk to some voters

Speech to council about cycling provision in Southwark.

Madam Mayor: One of the ways to reduce carbon consumption is to promote low energy transport. One low energy transport is cycling. The fear of the danger in cycling stops many people from cycling. The current administration has chosen to spend no money in establishing cycle paths. That appalls me, my colleagues, and cyclists in […]

Cycling in Southwark

Cyclists can be a real nuisance. I know because I am one. More and more people are starting to cycle, but Southwark is spending no money on cycle lanes. The idea is that if motorists see bicycles, they calm down, and drive more carefully. Strange idea, using Southwark’s cyclists as a type of ‘human shield’ […]

Mega Posters

Labour Southwark have signed a contract to install 90 new “self illuminating” poster boards across the borough. The free standing ‘boards’ are nine foot tall and four feet wide – that is massive! I’ve ‘mocked up’ a picture to show the scale: They are lit up 24 hours a day, using loads of electricity, There […]

Achilles Close, Abercorn Way – Notting Hill Housing Association managed properties

I had to send a stiff letter to Notting Hill Housing association, the entry-phones in a few blocks were broken, and the grounds around the blocks were covered in litter. I would post a photo of the entrance hall way, but the interior lights don’t work! The fence needs fixing too!

Corner parking work at Lynton Road

At last! The ‘corner parking’ work has started. All of the residents who contacted me during the consultation wanted double yellows installed on the corners. Especially where the BT vans park at the junction of Lynton and Monnow Roads.

Rolls Road width restriction campaign

We are campaigning to get the width restriction re-instated, after the council took it out.