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Plane Trees on Rotherhithe New Road

Remember theĀ  Rotherhithe New Road plane tree story from May last year? Click here . . . . I’ve got council officers to stop the felling, which was planned for this weekend. . .. . I hope we can find a way to keep the trees, widen the pavement, and calm down the traffic. .We’ve […]

Cozying up to News International

It’s beenĀ  years since I bought a News International Paper. I haven’t bought a copy of The Sun, or The Times, since 1986. These two seem to be great fans of Rupert Murdoch’s papers. You can draw your own conclusion about their motives for posing with The Sun. There was a time when no Labour […]

Bermondsey Community Council – Thursday 26th April
Keep it Local – Save our Community Councils

Southwark News published my letter about why planning decisions should stay local. We are all upset about * the loss of Bermondsey Community Council, * the closure of our nursery at Tenda Road, * the failure to curb teenage drinking around the Blue Southwark Labour can’t seem to get the basics right. People are stopping […]

St James’s Road – Too uneven, Too Dangerous? Too noisy?

Some of the residents in St James’s Road are asking me why the road surface wasn’t fixed properly. I’ve sent a survey out to the neighbourhood, and I’m waiting for people to get back to me. I don’t cycle that way, but please let me know if it’s a problem.

Southwark Council needs to start protecting our children from underage alcohol sales

My letter in Southwark News illustrates that no attention is paid to the needs of people in South Bermondsey. Local residents have been asking for control of sales of alcohol since long before last summer’s mayhem. There have been no ‘secret shopper’ visits for over a year. Whether it is closing our nurseries, or letting […]

Nursery World – our campaign goes national

Nursery World magazine have printed a piece about out campaign: Click here to read it on their web site

Southwark Council ‘Fails to Act’ to Stop Alcohol sales to Children in Bermondsey

We asked; “How many secret shopper visits did Southwark’s Training Standard team do in South Bermondsey last year?” Councillor Peter John, the Leader of the Council told us; “None” I think Labour should work harder to protect the children of South Bermondsey from alcohol. and protect our estates from drunken teenagers. They should send council […]

A new type of Politician in Hackney

Pauline Pearce has agreed to stand as a Lib Candidate in the forthcoming council by-election. I’m proud that Pauline has chosen to stand as a Lib-Dem Candidate. I’m proud that our party works for local people. I hope she wins, and represents people in Hackney. FULL STORY HERE