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Cycling around the Elephant & Castle – 2 of 2

by Graham Neale on 19 April, 2011

I appreciate this may not directly affect residents in South Bermondsey, but following the Independent front page article about cycling deaths:
I feel a need to bring attention to the way cycle provision has been withdrawn at the busiest road junction in South London.
These photos demonstrate the contempt that the urban developers hold for our lives, the lives of cyclists.

The cycle lane stops abruptly, pushing cycles onto the pavement, causing a clash between pedestrians and cyclists.
The work on the building site continues uninterrupted
– Was this in the planning application?


2 Responses

  1. zefrog says:

    I think you are making a making a mountain out of a molehill, here.

    Before the hoarding was put into place, the cycle lane was not separated from the pedestrian part of the pavement, therefore the situation is not different now than it used to be: cyclists are still using the pavement (ie their life are no more in danger from traffic than before) and they are still sharing the space with pedestrians (that’s in my view the dangerous bit and has nothing to with the developpers).

    Also if you walk to the other side of the hoarding where the cycle lane turns into Elephant, you’ll probably find that it is blocked by cars from the mini-cab company located there. Nothing seems to be done about that, which is much more of a problem I think…

  2. Teddy says:

    Wrong – there was a separate cycle lane which lead up to Elephant Lane (behind the bus stop). This leads to Walworth Road and was very useful. Elephant Road is (or soon will be) one way so cyclists will have to go round the E & C. AFAIK no provision was made for contraflow cycling during these works. I have to agree with Cllr Neale. Cycling is NOT permitted on the pavement here so cyclists wanting to avoid the E & C will have to go all round the Heygate. I guess if cyclists don’t object to the formal process than we get what we deserve………..

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