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Bridge damaged at St James’s Road

by admin on 28 January, 2011

Various residents around Catlin Street have been in touch, including one who drew my attention to this sign, it’s in St James’s Road, just north of Southwark Park Road SE16 3UA. I don’t know when it was installed, but it clearly indicates no heavy traffic over St James’s Road bridge. Local residents are asking me: […]

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70% of Traffic is speeding in Catlin Street SE16

by Graham Neale on 23 January, 2011

Council officers have released a document showing 70% of vehicles are breaking the speed limit in Catlin Street SE16 3JB. Local residents have asked me to help their campaign to slow down traffic. We are worried about traffic noise, safety, vibration damage, and I want to make sure it is safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

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