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Rolls Road width restriction campaign

by Graham Neale on 10 January, 2012

We are campaigning to get the width restriction re-instated, after the council took it out.

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The shop keepers at The Blue are collecting signatures. They are just FED UP with the way the council are issuing parking fines. The council are sucking money out of car users, and the businesses are suffering. We spent thousands of pound trying to make the Blue a nice place to shop, Now the Labour […]

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Up date  – link to plans of proposals       * CLICK HERE * Not sure how cycle friendly the changes are going to be. I’ve asked for a briefing from officers about the final plans. My bike is pictured centre.

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Fix My Street

by admin on 2 March, 2011

The very lovely ‘Fix My Street’ website link here. It is mostly used by cyclists with iPhones, reporting potholes. I’ve set up the site to forward me local postings, but please copy me to be sure I get the message. We’ve come a long way from letters hand written with green biro.

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Controlled Parking Zone

by Graham Neale on 15 February, 2011

Consultation has started on the controlled parking zone. If it goes ahead as proposed, it will cover most of South Bermondsey ward, and will mean parking across the ward will be controlled during week days. Please get in touch if you have an opinion you would like me to pass your views on to the […]

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Bicycle security in the Blue (update)

by admin on 9 February, 2011

I got an email today telling me the new stands are being ordered. No more details, but really good if it’s true!  bit of an ongoing with Southwark Cyclists and Labour member responsible for cycling in Southwark   .                    <-letters in today’s Southwark News-> Furbogate ?

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First Saturday – two surgeries

by admin on 7 February, 2011

I’ve managed to get the best from the first Saturday of every month…. first my 10.30 – 11.30 surgery at Rock Grove ‘Pop in Parlour’ in the Blue opposite the Library….. .                                                                                                                                                                     Then I go to my second surgery at Wessex House on The Cooper’s & Astley […]

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Back on the road

by admin on 27 January, 2011

Finally managed to get a new tyre for my Brompton, I punctured the old inner tube going up a kerb. It cost me nearly £20 – but it’s got a Kevlar lining – like bullet proof jackets have. I’ll be looking out for potholes and broken glass. You might see me riding around South Bermondsey– […]

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70% of Traffic is speeding in Catlin Street SE16

by Graham Neale on 23 January, 2011

Council officers have released a document showing 70% of vehicles are breaking the speed limit in Catlin Street SE16 3JB. Local residents have asked me to help their campaign to slow down traffic. We are worried about traffic noise, safety, vibration damage, and I want to make sure it is safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

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