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Fly tipping

by Graham Neale on 13 March, 2013

I’ve noticed lots of places around South Bermondsey are being used to dump rubbish. This is in Lynton Road, I meeting with a council officer from the refuse department, to discuss this type of thing.

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I had to send a stiff letter to Notting Hill Housing association, the entry-phones in a few blocks were broken, and the grounds around the blocks were covered in litter. I would post a photo of the entrance hall way, but the interior lights don’t work! The fence needs fixing too!

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Rolls Road width restriction campaign

by Graham Neale on 10 January, 2012

We are campaigning to get the width restriction re-instated, after the council took it out.

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Crime on Stubbs Drive

by Graham Neale on 14 July, 2011

I have had reports of late night attempts to break in through street doors, apparently to steal letters. I’ve been in touch with the local police, and asked them to visit Stubbs Drive after dark.

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The shop keepers at The Blue are collecting signatures. They are just FED UP with the way the council are issuing parking fines. The council are sucking money out of car users, and the businesses are suffering. We spent thousands of pound trying to make the Blue a nice place to shop, Now the Labour […]

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Seems like an enthusiastic Car clamping company wants to start clamping vehicles on a public road: Residents in Bushwood Drive have contacted me to point out that LPC Parking Solutions are threatening to clamp vehicles in Bushwood Drive, despite the fact it is a public road. The law is changing to outlaw both ‘cowboy’ firms, […]

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Pavement at The Blue – Southwark Park Road

by Graham Neale on 13 May, 2011

I’ve been getting loads of complaints form local people about these supermarket cages outside 186 Southwark Park Road. I’ve asked the manager of the shop to move them, and I’ve asked council officers to have them moved. <- Wednesday ……..  Thursday-> I wonder who will move them first, the manager, or council staff?

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Cleansweep in Camila Road

by Graham Neale on 11 May, 2011

Franky I think some council staff have been ‘getting away with it‘ for too long. I’m trying to catch up with the things like cleaning on estates and road sweeping. Here is Camilla Road after I asked about the road sweeping. I am pleased with the change. <-before……..after ->

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Parking Control Zone consultation

by Graham Neale on 28 April, 2011

It would be wrong for me to try to influence the responses to the consultation about introducing a CPZ here in South Bermondsey. There is a strong campaign against the introduction, including the posting of notices on some lamp posts around the ward. Of course I don’t condone fly posting, but there seems to be […]

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Up date  – link to plans of proposals       * CLICK HERE * Not sure how cycle friendly the changes are going to be. I’ve asked for a briefing from officers about the final plans. My bike is pictured centre.

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