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Longfield Estate Anual General meeting 7.30pm

by Graham Neale on 11 April, 2011

Tonight is the night for the Longfield to select its tenants’ Association committee members – please come along.

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I asked the council leaders about people going without parking permits because the post is so bad here. Labour’s Solution ……. Southwark’s parking wardens ( Parking Attendants) have been instructed to start delivering the letters contain residents parking permits. The printed permits will be couriered from the printers in….. Uxbridge West London, then our PA’s […]

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Fix My Street

by admin on 2 March, 2011

The very lovely ‘Fix My Street’ website link here. It is mostly used by cyclists with iPhones, reporting potholes. I’ve set up the site to forward me local postings, but please copy me to be sure I get the message. We’ve come a long way from letters hand written with green biro.

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Crime map in SE1 SE16 South Bermondsey

by Graham Neale on 27 February, 2011

Here is a link to the Met Police’s crime map,showing all the ‘notifiable’ crimes in the ward. Please write a comment or get in touch if you have any questions.

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Well done to the hard workers at Cooper’s & Astley – I’m really impressed by their hard work, getting their TA back up and running. Some of the young people there are amazing – I played table tennis with an eight year old, and got beaten hands down! I managed a draw at table football […]

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Bicycle security in the Blue (update)

by admin on 9 February, 2011

I got an email today telling me the new stands are being ordered. No more details, but really good if it’s true!  bit of an ongoing with Southwark Cyclists and Labour member responsible for cycling in Southwark   .                    <-letters in today’s Southwark News-> Furbogate ?

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.                                                                                                             […]

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Back on the road

by admin on 27 January, 2011

Finally managed to get a new tyre for my Brompton, I punctured the old inner tube going up a kerb. It cost me nearly £20 – but it’s got a Kevlar lining – like bullet proof jackets have. I’ll be looking out for potholes and broken glass. You might see me riding around South Bermondsey– […]

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Chaos on The Rennie Estate: water, tree, snow.

by admin on 24 January, 2011

During the cold spell in late December, a water main burst in Galleywall Road. About 200 homes on the Rennie Estate were without water for most of the week. Thames Water had to wait for tree surgeons to cut the tree down, before they could get to the pipe. The Housing Dept had about a […]

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Healthy Food – Healthy Body – Healthy Mind

by Graham Neale on 23 January, 2011

Mick sells the best fruit and veg in Bermondsey. He gets the best veg from Borough Market, (where all the trendies go), and sells it for proper prices. We took this pic in the Summer, when the Labour council put his pitch rent up. All day long you hear about how we should eat more […]

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