Southwark Parking wardens to start delivering letters

by Graham Neale on 7 April, 2011

I asked the council leaders about people going without parking permits because the post is so bad here.
Labour’s Solution …….
Southwark’s parking wardens ( Parking Attendants) have been instructed to start delivering the letters contain residents parking permits.
The printed permits will be couriered from the printers in….. Uxbridge West London, then our PA’s will deliver them.
Maybe we can get post men to start giving out parking tickets….

Shouldn’t Parking Attendants be controlling parking, like we train them and pay them to do.
The whole concept of posting paper certificates and permits is anachronistic. If residents apply online, they could print their own permits.
Parking attendants are able to see at a glance which vehicles are entitled to park, and which are not.
The whole thing is a knee jerk reaction to a failure of the administration to appreciate how poorly served we really are here in the real world.
Do any of them live in areas with controlled parking? Do any of them live on council estates?
There was a time when being  a Labour councilor meant you at least understood the problems of working people.
More details here if you can bear  it
Oh yes, garage charges went up by 50% last week.                                       Welcome to Soviet Southwark

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