Chaos on The Rennie Estate: water, tree, snow.

by admin on 24 January, 2011

Rennie estate board
During the cold spell in late December, a water main burst in Galleywall Road.
About 200 homes on the Rennie Estate were without water for most of the week.Thames Water
Thames Water had to wait for tree surgeons to cut the tree down, before they could get to the pipe.
The Housing Dept had about a dozen staff knocking on doors,
then they sent heating engineers to fix the central heating!

It was chaotic, I even saw a TV crew from the BBC on the estate! BBC on Rennie

I had a chance to deliver a letter to all residents, explaining the nuisance, and inviting them to our surgeries.

I spoke to a tenant from Fitzmaurice House

about this leak at the back of the block,  Trevithick House leak
I asked the housing team to sort it out, and….
….. he just called me to tell me it’s been fixed. So well done to the Housing Team!

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