Brodie House – Rubbish at Windsor Court SE1 5JA

by admin on 6 February, 2011

.                                                                                                               brodie-rubbish-oct-2010.png
Land owners have a responsibility in law to keep their land tidy.
The land at the rear of Windsor Court SE1 5JA adjoins Brodie House on the Astley and Coopers Estate.
For years, rubbish has accumulated in this ‘dead-zone’.

I got in touch with our housing dept, who got in touch with our environment dept, who got in touch with another dept,
who finally got the land owners to clear it up.

However, local foxes (I think) are dragging rubbish into the alley.brodie-rubbish-3rd-feb-2011.png

The alley is better, but needs a regular sweep. I have asked our ‘enforcement’ team to request regular sweeping.

Watch this space for updates.

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