Private parking control – Bushwood Drive – Are ‘LPC Parking Solutions’ threatening to clamp cars on the public highway?

by Graham Neale on 1 June, 2011

Seems like an enthusiastic Car clamping company wants to start clamping vehicles on a public road:

Residents in Bushwood Drive have contacted me to point out that LPC Parking Solutions are threatening to clamp vehicles in Bushwood Drive, despite the fact it is a public road.
The law is changing to outlaw both ‘cowboy’ firms, and reputable firms. ( I’m sure LPC Parking solutions are reputable).
Maybe this is a last attempt by LPC Parking Solutions to ‘nick a few quid’ before the government outlaws clamping on private land.
Meanwhile I will be asking Southwark’s Highway Department to confirm that LPC Parking Solutions are made aware of the boundaries of private realm, and public highway.
As always, please get in touch if you feel you may have been clamped by LPC Parking Solutions in error.

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