Notice Board at Ash House Longfield Estate

by Graham Neale on 8 February, 2014

Before Christmas I cleaned the glass on this notice board, I borrowed some tools and tidied it up. I’m upset that the glass has been broken. I’ve asked the housing department to replace the glass.

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Council take away bins – Rubbish builds up

by Graham Neale on 4 February, 2014

Rock Grove residents are appalled at the build up of rubbish since the bins went missing: I have raised the issue with the housing department.

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Happy New Year

by Graham Neale on 2 February, 2014

Traffic Fines

by Graham Neale on 30 January, 2014

Southwark News have published a piece about council staff getting traffic fines. One every working day for three years. I met this morning with Southwark’s director of Environment. We discussed the  fines issued to Southwark staff when they were driving. I’ve asked for more information about these fines. Watch this space. More Southwark News stories […]

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Support The School House Cafe

by Graham Neale on 28 January, 2014

We’re privileged to have the excellent Spa School, in South Bermondsey ward. It teaches children who are on the autism spectrum, providing a safe environment for their education and development. It also has a great cafe: The School House Cafe It helps to teach the pupils about working, catering, and dealing with the public. It […]

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Hanging baskets – What do you think?

by Graham Neale on 28 January, 2014

We’ve decided to spend some money on hanging baskets again this year. We reckon it make the place look tidy, and helps keep the area clean. What do you think? Click here for our ‘one click survey’

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Speaking to voters on the doorstep

by Graham Neale on 27 January, 2014

It’s a bit cold out, but we like to keep in touch. Here’s us last weekend. We were delivering calenders for 2014 Please get in touch if you haven’t had yours

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#LeisureCentreGate – South London Press reports

by Graham Neale on 24 January, 2014

South London Press reports on the ‘rigged voting’ scandal at the Elephant: What’s wrong with ‘The Chaplin Centre?’

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Election control in Southwark

by Graham Neale on 23 January, 2014

I’m pleased to see Southwark News has featured the Elephant & Castle Leisure Centre naming ‘stitch-up’. I don’t understand why they didn’t design the voting system to exclude multiple voting, or to demand an email address. It’s really easy to prevent voter-fraud with on-line systems. It’s sad that Labour bosses appear to be so humourless. […]

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#LeisureCentreGate – when does third place come first?

by Graham Neale on 21 January, 2014

Labour have ‘stitched up’ another ballot. Not a selection in a safe seat, but the name of the Elephant & Castle Leisure Centre. Fair Play? click here for the SE1 news report

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