Stevenson Crescent SE16 3EW – Housing Associations – Rubbish

by Graham Neale on 23 January, 2011

It’s not a new problem, I remember taking casework here early last year, but Stevenson Crescent has a problem.
Some of the residents are dumping rubbish, and now, inevitably there is a fly tipping problem.
The Council’s refuse dept are struggling to cope, but we have started a strategy to sort things out.
I will be writing to residents to explain what is going on.
In the mean time:
Officers (council staff) have written to the four Housing Associations in Stevenson Crescent,
‘reminding’ them of their responsibilities to their tenants.
Most Housing Assn tenants pay ‘maintenance’ which is to pay the cost of cleaning
– The ‘maintenance’ is simply not happening, and local tax payers are picking up the bill.
The Housing Assns are
Hyde Housing Association
: Foot path to the side of 2 Stevenson Crescent.
Hexagon Housing Association: Bin chambers and areas by 44-52, 46-38 & 30-22, Stevenson Crescent
Housing for Women: Bin chamber and area by 54 to 76 Stevenson Crescent.
Notting Hill Housing Trust: area outside 6 Mason Close.

We have issued a fixed fine to one tipper.
The bin crews have been told to be aware of ‘spillage’ as they load their trucks.
Road sweeping crews have been informed about the situation.
call or txt me info about rubbish 079464 38 380
If you want to email me any info,

Sofa in Stevenson Cresstevenson-cres-2.pngstevenson-rubbish-3.png

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