Bermondsey Community Council 24th January

by admin on 24 January, 2011

Well, I can’t promise I’m going to write after every council meeting,

but right now, I’m watching Newsnight and…here goes:
I spoke to the police about the youths misbehaving at the Blue, seems they are taking a robust approach.
I will be in close touch with Sgt Nick Hutchins to keep up with events.

Bit disappointed to hear that we’ve still got youths hanging around on
Wessex House on The Astley & Cooper Estate.
They may well end with a criminal record, for possession of drugs, which will no doubt put their American holiday in doubt
We were told there are no plans for any cuts in police numbers – so good news there!

Not surprisingly no one wants freight lorries along Grange Road and Southwark Park Road.
I promised to find out if there are any proposals for the land at the North Eastern end of Galleywall Road for the next meeting.

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