Post delivery – getting better ?

by admin on 1 February, 2011

Happy with your post?
I’m not.
Do you ever wait in for a parcel, then find a red card hanging through the letterbox,
telling you to go to Mandela Way sorting office to collect a parcel?
simply print this poster, and leave it pinned to your front door.
This ‘sorry I am in’ poster makes it easy!


3 Responses

  1. Mark says:

    Yes! I hate that.

    But if I were a postie and saw that passive aggressive note hanging there I’d make damn sure I left a red card as an equally passive aggressive move!

  2. Philip Wood says:

    Superb! I will be doing just that 🙂

  3. This site should tell you more about those ‘While You Were Out’ cards that get put through your door — while you were in.

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