Speech to council about cycling provision in Southwark.

by Graham Neale on 26 January, 2012

Madam Mayor:

One of the ways to reduce carbon consumption is to promote low energy transport.

One low energy transport is cycling.

The fear of the danger in cycling stops many people from cycling.

The current administration has chosen to spend no money in establishing cycle paths. That appalls me, my colleagues, and cyclists in Southwark, but it may not appall Southwark Cyclists. *

In June 2010 Transport for London announced plans to install ‘Trixi’ mirrors at their junctions. When will Southwark join them in installing rear view mirrors?

The London Cycle Campaign cites construction traffic as being ‘especially dangerous’ to cyclists. Is the council using any of its massive communication budget to to publicise this, and help save the lives of cyclists?

Southwark could reduce the risk to cyclists by removing the railings along traffic lights and junctions. It would be a cheap, quick fix, but how many left hand railings have been removed?

In December I chaired a Bermondsey Community Council Planing meeting, we allocated £39,000 to improve the junction of tower Bridge Road and Long Lane.
When will this money be spent?


I would like to praise the administration for promoting cycle training.
As Barry Mason said:
“Every adult makes errors. A good trainer will iron out all sorts of bad habits.”

listen to speech here starts at 15′ 36″

* please note,
Southwark Cyclists have been kind enough to write to me to set their policy straight on Cycle paths, and cycle lanes.
They wrote:
“Southwark Cyclists are keen for cycle lanes to be factored into the Council’s Transport Plan wherever they are needed to give cyclist safety and particularly to give new cyclists reassurance.”
I am sorry if I caused any offence, and I am grateful to them for helping me put the record straight on this important policy issue.
The Southwark Cyclists website is here

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